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Immortal RP creed

Infinity RP is a place where you can become anything you can think of. Say you want to be a knight and battle dragons. You are perfectly capable of doing that, or you want to be a magical treasure hunter in the jungle. That too is possible. Whatever you can think of. There is a way you can RP it fairly with all the other members. The purpose of this site is to have fun and wield the powers of your imagination.

General Forum Rules
Behavior Rules:

  • Respect Respect Respect. Do not verbally attack the other players for the fun of it or purely for judgmental reasons. We all know who that quiet guy in the back is. Just because this is the internet doesn’t mean you can attack him.
    Please refrain from using overly profane language and insulting the other members. Immortal RP is a place where everyone can be what they want.
    Flaming, trolling, threats, hating, and the like are all not allowed on the forum. If evidence is provided of another player being extremely hateful towards another, it will result in a waring and then a ban.
    There will be a public offender list kept for anyone who breaks the rules to an extreme degree.

Staff Rules:

  • Remember, the staff’s job is to make sure everything is fair, but they can’t do that work 24/7 so please, be patient with the staff. We’re all human.
    Do not constantly bug a staff member to do something for you or give you a more powerful ability, they reserve the right to refuse anything you ask of them and/or take your hard work away.
    Staff Remember, you have been privileged with both great power and responsibility. If one of you are found acting out of turn or abusing your power as a staff member, your status will be revoked and your moderator account will be banned
    Immortal RP is for everyone, and I plan on only having as many staff members as are necessary to maintain the site. Unless I want you to be a staff member, you will not know. However, feel free to PM me if you think the site is understaffed and I will make a staff application thread, you can apply to become a staff member there.

Account Rules:

  • Account names must not be profane. Your name cannot involve any swearing or insults against another person or group. For example, don’t expect your account to get approved if your name is vajslayer69
    Your account name must be your character’s name. To have an alternate character you must make another account.
    Your avatar picture is the way your character will be viewed in this world, it would be best if everyone kept their avatar pictures as one of a character that has not been used and doesn’t exist in real life. Non-human characters from comics, anime, or video games are perfectly allowed. You may even use a custom appearance.
    No two people are allowed to use the same character as their avatar for uniqueness. It’s never fun if you have five guys playing as master chief, make yourself unique.

Master Rule


Roleplaying Guide/Rules

  • It was stated earlier that infinity RP is a place for everything to join together into one, but this does not mean that you can make your character a god and wipe all your enemies from existence. You must follow the roleplaying rules, which are the guidelines that will summarize everything you need to know about roleplaying here on Immortal RP.

For starters, one simply cannot roleplay without a character, and as such. Every member must create their own character unique to the site. If you want to bring Heracles into this world, you may. However, every character must have a character application, which can be referenced for the player’s skill in RP, personality traits, abilities, and starting stats. As your character changes you may submit it for a revamp. The character application template can be found in the character creation section.

Remember how I said you can bring other characters into the site? Only one of each character is allowed to exist. Just like avatars. The only exception to this rule is if the character’s account is inactive (no posts in three months.)

Important Note: You absolutely CANNOT make an immortal, overpowered, or Mary Sue (absolutely perfect) character. Heracles’ stats may start with above average strength, but you must train said stats to achieve his inhuman strength. That being said, your character is still allowed to have powers unique to them so long as they fit within the rules, which are explained later.

The word topic refers to a series of posts in which a character (or multiple characters) perform actions, communicate, and socialize. You are allowed to do whatever you wish within these topics, but your general location is determined by the location in which you roleplaying. If you are doing your topics in a desert, don’t start off your topic by saying You’re standing in a grassy field. That wouldn’t make sense. An Oasis would do perfectly. Take note that a topic that hasn’t been posted in after 30 days is a dead topic and is invalid.

While posting in a topic. Players post in the order in which they entered. For example, if Player B creates a topic and Player C joins, they post in an alternating order. Now if a Player A chooses to join, entering after Player C. The posting order goes Player B, Player C, then Player A. However, if Player A entered after Player B’s post. They now go int the order Player B, Player A, and then Player C.

When posting, keep in mind that the timeline of the site is affected by when each topic was created. For example, say Topic A was created by you today. Topic B was created by your friend two days ago. You enter Topic A to interact with your friend who created Topic B. The next day, you decide to enter your friend's Topic B. Chronologically, Topic B happens BEFORE Topic A, so all the events that happened and will happen in Topic B will have already happened in Topic A, so you must RP in Topic A with the assumption of what already happened in Topic B. It sounds a little confusing, but just imagine that the date a topic was create was the day the events in the topic happened. So if you join a topic that was created in an earlier instance, that is in the past and already happened.

Write your posts in PROPER ENGLISH. Minor typos are fine, and using non offensive slang while your character is speaking is as well. But you must try your best to make your post legible (that means using as proper grammar as possible, avoiding the use of texting acronyms, and fully describing your actions). If your grammar, speech, and actions are unreadable. You will be asked to revise it. All posts must have a minimum of 50 words.

I mentioned this earlier, but no making your character overpowered, or making yourself stronger than other players through direct manipulation of them. There are multiple forms of doing such a thing.

First is god modding, God Modding refers to the act of controlling another person's character without their permission. It is forbidden to do so and is frowned upon. God Modding also refers to your character never getting tired, ignoring pain, and anything that makes them seem godlike. They are human (or at least most of them are). Powerful abilities may allow players to ignore pain or not get tired, but those abilities are difficult to achieve.

The second is known as vague manipulation, which form of God Modding that refers to somebody using a lack of information to their advantage. Setting a distance against an opponent to be right next to you so you can have a point blank shot? That is vague manipulation. Setting it thirty meters, where both you and your opponent can actually react to things and have a fair fight. That is not vague manipulation. Making your post extremely vague and hard to understand (also mentioned above) is vague manipulation. To understand the difference between a vague manipulation post and a regular post, we must understand the intention of a vague post.

Vague:"He stuck his hand out and moved forward."

Lazy: "He punched with his hand."

Here we don’t know what the Vague poster’s intentions are. He could be doing anything from punching to going to pick something up. As for the lazy poster, it doesn’t specify which hand he punches with.

The third is Meta-Gaming. Meta-gaming is the act of taking OOC information and using it IC when your character has no justifiable way of knowing such information.

Fourth is Auto-hitting, Auto-hitting refers to the act of not allowing the other person to avoid your in combat or in other situations. This goes hand in hand with god-modding. Assumptive based roleplaying ("He punched John in the face with his right hand and then proceeded to kick his left shin") is fine because the post is making an assumption that the hit connected. However, not letting the opponent dodge is is another matter ("He threw a punch at John so fast that John wouldn't be able to see") is auto-hitting, because it does not give John any time to react. However, if your opponent moved close enough to be instantly hit by your attack’s speed. That is allowed.

Fifth and Final is NO PLAGARISM. This is not allowed for multiple reasons. First of all, passing off another person’s work as your own is already illegal, second, a person can plagiarize fiction to use for training. Plagarism also applies to posts you have made on other forums and on the site itself.

Note: I take absolutely no credit for any artwork you see on this site. However, any text and lore is original by me.

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