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Weapon Rules

Post by Blank on Mon Apr 20, 2015 5:11 pm

Weapons: How do I make my weapon? You may ask, well never fear, people making a weapon have to follow a simple and straightforward template. However, higher ranked weapons can start to get quite complicated. There are three classes of weapons that people may wield. Close, ranged, and combo. Weapons rank 2 and above are allowed to have functions, which are a kind of ability or function that will increase the utility of the weapon. Functions follow a template that works similarly to spells and have abilities equal to a spell a rank below the weapon.

Close weapons are stuff like swords and spears. Their range is limited to whatever the length of the weapon is.

Rank 1: The most basic of basic weapons. They deal a maximum of 10 damage and can negate 5 damage through blocking. Otherwise they don’t do anything

Rank 2: Stuff is starting to get interesting. Your weapon can now deal 20 damage and negate 10. They’re also allowed to have a function.

Rank 3: The weapon that dedicated fighters start out with, the weapon deals 30 damage and negates 15 with a block. These weapons may have two functions.

Rank 4: Power, more power. These weapons deal 40 damage and block 20. They are allowed to have three functions now.

Rank 5: The best weapon you can get at the moment. These deal 50 damage and may block 25 damage. They may have the ultimate number of four functions.

Ranged weapons: Guns guns guns. You can use guns. The amount of damage dealt by these guns is rank damage per clip, meaning that each bullet deals a fraction of maximum damage. The minimum amount of damage a weapon can deal is 1. The biggest problem with ranged weapons is that they cannot negate damage but have the a clip automatically loaded and the number of clips equal to the weapon’s rank in reserve. Guns have range equal to twenty times the rank and speed of the rank times ten.

Rank 1: What’s this, a rusty old ten shooter. YIPPEE! Rank 1 weapons can deal a maximum of 10 damage per clip and carries 1 clip in reserve. Rank 1 guns have a range of 20 meters and travel at 10 meters per second.

Rank 2: Rank two weapons are actually worth something. You can carry two clips in reserve. Maximum damage per clip is 20 and bullets travel at 20 m/s with a range of 40 meters. These weapons have the ability to perform a function.

Rank 3: Rank three, yes precious, this is a good weapon. You can carry three clips in reserve and deal 30 damage per clip. Bullets travel at 30 m/s and have a range of 60 meters. These weapons can perform two functions.

Rank 4: Rank four, you have a shiny gun now. Four clips in reserve with 40 damage per clip, bullets travel at 40 m/s and have a range of 80 meters. You have 3 functions now.

Rank 5: The best, shiniest, and biggest gun around. Five clips in reserve, 50 damage per clip, 50 m/s, 100 meters, 4 functions. You can kill the big stuff now Very Happy

Combo weapons: these weapons are a combination between a gun and a sword. Shooting and slashing is weaker on these weapons to make up for their utility. Also, they cannot perform functions.

Rank 1: Idiot, a combo rank one won’t actually work.

Rank 2: Okay, something that works. Close combat attacks deal 10 damage and negate 5 with blocking. The gun part of this has two clips in reserve, deals 10 damage per clip. Bullets travel at 5 m/s and has a range of 10 meters.

Rank 3: Gunswords! Deal 20 damage and block 10. Shoot clips that deal 20 damage whose bullets travel up to 40 meters at a rate of 20 m/s

Rank 4: Something worth something. You probably know by now that it’s close combat is the same as a rank 3 weapon and shooting is the same thing as a rank 3 gun.

Rank 5: GUNS AND SWORDS KILL SHIT! AWESOME! This is something that can kill a chicken… Hopefully. You know the gist of it, Melee 40, block 20. Clips max at 40 and bullets travel at 40 m/s over a distance of 80 meters.

Functions… You may be wondering what functions are. Functions are like spells that increase the power of the weapon somewhat. Each weapon can create functions up to the weapon’s rank, but each function is equal to a spell’s power that is one rank below it. This is because the effects of a function stack with the weapon’s abilities. However, functions cannot go AoE or sustain, unlike spells.

Rank 2: Equal to a rank 1 spell

Rank 3: Equal to a rank 2 spell

Rank 4: Equal to a rank 3 spell

Rank 5: Equal to a rank 4 spell.

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