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Name/title: Lie Ren
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Sexuality: Straight


Bio: Ren is a quiet and studious person, only speaking when it is necessary. Being a former student at the world renowned beacon academy for hunters. He now works as a full time warrior of humanity, fighting to defend humanity from outside threats alongside his childhood friend, Nora Valkyrie.
Likes: Books: Ren can often be found reading books during his spare time.
         Cooking: Ren seems to enjoy cooking, no one’s quite sure if he wants to eat good food or just enjoys cooking, but it’s something he likes.
         Nora: Ren isn’t really open about it, but it appears that he has a certain liking for his childhood friend and current partner.
Dislikes: Distractions: When Ren is trying to focus on something, he can get quite irritable when something is distracting him.
             Grimm: The monsters that constantly plagued his nation, Ren hates the beasts and has dedicated his life to fighting them
             Death: Because of the grimm, much of Ren’s family has died, he wants to prevent as much death as possible
Goal: Ren wants to gather the surviving members of his village and bring them all together again.


Height: 5'9"
Weight: 230 lbs
Hair: Black with magenta highlights
Eyes: magenta
General Appearance: Lie Ren is a male teenager with long black hair tied into a ponytail that ends midway down his back. There is a magenta streak on the left side of his hair. He wears a dark green, diagonally-buttoned, long-sleeved tailcoat that is red on the inside, with black and gold trimming and pink cuffs. The trimming goes down the right side of his torso and forms a black collar.
Special: Lie has a scar over his right eye, he doesn’t often talk about how he got it.


Class: Weapon/Magic combo
Skills: Ren has shown himself to be an extremely capable fighter, showing incredible acrobatic skill, effective use of his dual automatic pistols, and flexibility of his semblance. His fighting style exhibits many fast paced and precise moves. Utilizing his semblance, guns, and acrobatics in perfect unison to gain the upper hand in a fight.
Strengths: Ren’s fighting style is incredibly flexible, allowing him to adapt to many situations without needing to change his routine too much. He is more than capable of fighting at mid and short range.
Weaknesses: Ren doesn’t have a whole lot of attack power, seeming to rely more on an onslaught of fast and precise attacks rather than defense or direct power. He also seems to tire easily while using his semblance.

History: Once, a very long time ago, Ren was a normal child happily playing with his friends in a small village in the wilds. However, that changed when grimm began attacking his village, forcing the inhabitants to flee to the more largely populated human kingdoms on the continent of remnant. Ren’s family and a few others managed to make it to the kingdom of Vale where they managed to quickly find a home for themselves among the inhabitants. Among the survivors of Ren’s village was only one other child his age, Nora. Being the only person Ren was familiar with, the two became fast friends. He was reluctant at first to become a hunter, wanting to be a librarian or scientist instead, but his caring for his childhood friend caused him to attend a fighting academy with Nora in order to train to become hunters. The two worked as a surprisingly good team despite their differences and even went on to attend the world renowned beacon academy before becoming full fledged hunters.
RP sample: Ren stalked slowly across the treetops. He was making sure to make as little noise as possible in order to catch the grimm he and Nora were tracking. Well, tracking wouldn’t be the best word for it. The grimm left a rather obvious wake of destruction in their path, meaning that Nora could be her normal bubbly self, skipping and singing down the path of destruction. However, the young hunter couldn’t help but feel an odd itch on his back, as if something else was following them. He turned around, expecting to see nothing, but instead what he saw terrified him. A massive taloned grimm was about to stab Nora in the back. Something had to be done. “Down Nora!” He shouted, side tackling his partner away from the grimm’s talons. Ren felt a burning sensation over his right eye. The talon was poisoned. The last sight the young hunter saw was  watching his partner raise her hammer against the beast with tears in her eyes.
Avatar: Lie Ren from RWBY
(acknowledge that at the making of this post, no one actually uses Ren, so both his character and avatar are free.)

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