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Character Template

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[img]post direct link to image here[/img.] (remove the dot after /img to get the code to work
Birth year:


Bio: (Not much, just a general description of who the character is, this only has to be around 50 words long)
Likes: (name at least 3 things your character likes and reasons why)
Dislikes: (name at least 3 things your character dislikes and reasons why)
Strengths: (What is your character good at? Write at least 3 things
Weaknesses: (What is your character bad at or what could opponents exploit, no one likes a mary sue character anyway)
Goal: (What does your character want to accomplish most during his lifetime? This will help tie him in with site plot and help for the creation for character plot.)


General Appearance: (provide a detailed description of how your character looks, what kind of clothing he normally wears, his body type, etc. Only has to be 50 words)
Special: (are there any recognizable features of your character? Say he has a scar on his right cheek, put that here.)


Skill: (how does your character fight? what kind of weapons or magic does he use? Describe how it all works right here)
Strengths: (name how your skill is strong in at least 50 words. If your strengths are too strong, you will be asked to revise.)
Weaknesses: (tell us the weaknesses of your skill in 50 words. This is so it can still be beaten, if your weaknesses don’t make any sense or aren’t broad enough, you will be asked to revise.)

History: (write your character’s past in at least 100 words, this helps in character and site plot as well as character development)
RP sample: (show us how your character RP’s, the word minimum for posts is 50 words, but please put 100 words here to provide some more tangibility with how you write
Avatar: (What character do you use as your avatar? This is for graphics purposes and to avoid more than one person having the same avatar)

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