Class system and Ranks

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Class system and Ranks

Post by Blank on Mon Apr 20, 2015 5:13 pm

Immortal RP allows for players to create any kind of character with any kind of ability they would like to have in a fair environment. To sort of balance everything, there are two classes that characters choose from that determines their and paves the path for what kind of warrior they want to become. These two classes are caster and fighter.

Caster: The caster class is sort of the ‘magic user’ of the place. Don’t think that the class is merely limited to that guy shooting fireballs from the back, he could also be a close combat fighter that utilizes magic to deal damage. They have two options when starting out, either start with pure magic or a magic/weapon combo.

Pure Magic: Pure Magic casters only have to create their magic. start with the special rank 0 spell, which is a basic combat spell that they can use as often as they like for free, the basic spell is always two ranks weaker than the user’s strongest spell. They also start with, two rank 2 spells, and one rank 3 spell.

Magic/weapon combo: Combo mages utilize items in addition to their magic (these players create both a magic and a weapon) these items usually have something to do with their magic. Such as staffs or swords. They start off capable of making a rank 1 weapon, two rank 1 spells, and two rank 2 spells.

Fighter: Fighters are the people who focus their abilities on guns and weapons, beating their opponents to death with weapons. Of course, they can use some limited amount of magic which allows them to have a bit more flexibility.

Weapon Focus: Fighters who choose to dedicate their ability to fighting get true power, a rank three weapon. This weapon is the only thing they have to create.

Weapon/magic combo: Weapon/magic combo use magic to augment their weapon rather than the weapon augmenting their magic. These users make a weapon and a magic. Weapon/magic combo users get to create a rank 2 weapon. three rank 1 spells, and a rank 2 spell.

Ranks: Here's a thing to remember, while you may be able to start out with a certain number of ranked items, that doesn't mean you can go ahead and create all the rank 3 spells you want. You must have the proper amount of XP to create items of said rank. All players start out at Rank 1 and go up from there

Rank 1 (0-1,000 XP): Can create anything Rank 1 and below
Rank 2 (1,000-2,500 XP): Can create anything Rank 2 and below
Rank 3 (2,500-5,000 XP): Can create anything Rank 3 and below
Rank 4 (5,000-10,000 XP): Can create anything Rank 4 and below
Rank 5 (20,000-infinite XP): Can create anything Rank 5 and below

There may be ranks above the five shown created, but those will be limited to people who contribute to the site in various ways.

With the exception of your starting items and magic, players must train to be able to use the skills they have created. After training is finished, you post your completion in the staff center to receive the points gained through training. Anything the rank below you gets 1 point and anything the same rank as you receives 2 points. To train you must have written a certain amount of words in a topic that was made specifically for training.

Rank 1: 100 words
Rank 2: 200 words
Rank 3: 400 words
Rank 4: 800 words
Rank 5: 1,000 words

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