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Abilities sheet example

Post by Blank on Tue Apr 21, 2015 3:01 pm

Ren starts with the fighter class, utilizing both weapons and a semblance.

Name: Storm Flower
Type: Dual automatic pistols/blades
Rank: 2
Description: Storm Rose is a pair of green automatic pistols with 20 cm long blades sloping downwards below the barrel and extended magazines.
Function: Storm Flower has the dual function of being blades and guns. Ren carries two magazines in reserve and each magazine carries twenty rounds, each round dealing 1/2 damage and travels at 5m/s. Meanwhile, each blade deals 10 damage.


Name: Kinetic Absorption
Descrption: Matter reversal is Ren’s semblance, the semblance allows Ren to absorb and release the kinetic energy of objects around him. Allowing him to increase the speed and damage of his attacks, or reverse the kinetic energy of attacks for defense.
Strengths: Ren can gain kinetic energy by simply moving. Allowing him to easily gain kinetic energy required to make use of his semblance.
Weaknesses: The flexibility of this semblance is rather limited. It doesn’t have very much individual offensive ability and focuses more on enhancing the user. In order to utilize the semblance, the user must be in constant motion and the semblance can only utilize it’s offensive ability in conjunction with other attacks


Name: Kinetic Boost
Rank: 1
Cost: 10
Description: Ren utilizes his kinetic energy to increase his movement speed slightly by 5 m/s
Cooldown: 1

Name: Kinetic Block
Rank: 1
Cost: 10
Description: Ren utilizes his stored kinetic energy to block up to 10 incoming damage
Cooldown: 1

Name: Kinetic Force
Rank: 1
Cost: 10
Description: Ren utilizes his stored kinetic energy to boost up to 10 attacks, evenly distributing damage among those attacks. i.e. Ren fires five rounds from his Storm Flower, each round gains a 2 damage increase when this ability is used.
Cooldown: 1

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